More evidence for Jeanne Calment’s identity theft hypothesis

I had a cousin, fourth degree. His name was Fernand and he was seven years older than me. He did not look at me: for him, I was the “little girl”. One day, he opened his eyes and I had become a pretty girl. Brunette with green eyes.

“Mistral had come to inaugurate the museum of Arles. I was just married. It was a very beautiful festival presided over by the Provencal poet. Everyone had to wear [an Arlesian] costume. I chose a red dress because I was dark and I had hair up in a bun with small strands around the face to not be too severe. I wore around my neck the shining necklace of my mother. Then we danced to “Les Folies arlésiennes”. It was a kind of casino with a circular gallery. It is a parking lot today…"

Jean-Pierre Daniel stated that a controller of insurance companies, looking into the life annuity paid to the centenary, had already uncovered the fraud.

“But at the time Jeanne Calment was already considered a national idol.This official alerted his superiors, who replied that it was necessary to continue to pay the annuity.There was no question of making a scandal with the dean of French,” he told AFP.

My husband, he is dead, we can say by greed. It was in 1942. Guests invited us to their homes in the countryside. There were cherries. My husband ate a lot. Me, one or two. But they had been sulphated. That evening, my husband was sick. I told him, “Fernand, you are yellow.” The doctor came, then a specialist. They called me away “It’s very serious”. In fact, he died four months later of a galloping cancer of the liver.



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Yuri Deigin

Yuri Deigin

Preventing death is my life’s mission. I am a drug developer currently working on a rejuvenating gene therapy using the approach of partial reprogramming.